We’re pleased to announce that, despite the performance of everyone’s index selections, the first run of the Indexed Finance Index Contest (say that three times fast) was a success.

As such, we’d like to open the next round up to more users! We’re curious to see what kind of indexes participants come up with given a set of slightly tighter constraints. Below are the details for our upcoming contest.

Here we go again!


This form will close on Friday June 18th or when we’ve received as…

The trial-run of the Indexed Finance Index Competition is over!

To recap: starting on May 18th, 38 beta participants started a — very passive — race between their selections of various assets and weightings to see how many people could outperform the market over the course of four weeks.

As it turns out, the answer was just three —headed up by our winner, Champagne Pampi! He wins 3,000 DAI, followed by @0xbuggy and @litocoen with 2,000 and 1,000 DAI each!

Congratulations to our winners: if you’re reading this in the future, we’d like to remind you that these were the…

As part of an initiative to be more receptive to DeFi investors who want to tokenize investment strategies on our platform, in April we partnered with @0xb1 to create the 484 Fund as part of our experimental Sigma program. Unfortunately, the barbell strategy they requested wasn’t a very good one in practice, and the price of one $ERROR has dropped in value by ~75% since launch.

Due to the above, a general lack of interest and the fact that 0xb1 has burned all of their tokens — and further, that we have not heard a word from them since launch…

Indexed Finance is delighted to announce our partnership with Sushiswap, and the beginning of a transition to using it as our primary source of liquidity.

To begin this process, Sushiswap is introducing the ETH pairs for both the NDX governance token and the DEGEN index to their Onsen program, which provides SUSHI rewards to liquidity providers. Pending a smart contract review, we’ll soon be able to add NDX to the SUSHI rewards using their MasterChef V2 contract, at which point we will begin shifting our rewards from Uniswap V2 LP tokens to Sushiswap LP tokens.

If you’re a liquidity provider…

Introducing The Indexed Uni/Sushi Swap Router

Didn’t think through how you’re going to actually eat that, did you, buddy?

It’s always nice to have the luxury of choice. That holds especially true when it comes to DeFi: assets are often available on multiple DEX platforms, but the differences in liquidity between them often has you hopping back and forth to find the one with minimal slippage.

The Context

At Indexed Finance, we launched with quite strong ties to Uniswap: when minting new index tokens (such as DEFI5) through our UI, you have the option of utilizing our Uniswap minter to create new tokens using ETH directly rather than one of the underlying tokens:

Introducing The $FFF: The Future Of Finance Fund


Having listened to community feedback about the desire for a ‘blue chip’ product that provides exposure to BTC and ETH as well as containing more than a maximum of ten constituent assets, it…

What makes a good index? There is no simple answer to this question, and it’s often highly subjective depending on a person’s risk tolerance. That’s one of the reasons Indexed.Finance has multiple offerings that cover different market sectors, risk tolerances, and weighting strategies.

All of these factors must be considered when composing a basket of assets. But, we are curious to see how some prominent Crypto Twitter personalities and other members of the greater cryptoverse might compose an index of their own. …

Starting on block 12,454,000, we’re launching the extended liquidity mining program, set to run for two years on a linearly decreasing emission schedule.

Over the course of 4,778,182 blocks, we’ll be handing out 1.5 million NDX, sourced both from the remaining Sigma program allocation and the Treasury. On day one we’ll be emitting roughly 3,500 NDX daily, which slowly decreases until we hit about 620 NDX daily in mid-2023.

You’ll be able to stake Uniswap V2 LP pairs for all of our current index tokens (DEFI5, CC10, ORCL5, DEGEN, NFTP and ERROR), and you can also stake certain index tokens…

Introducing The 484 Fund [$ERROR]


We didn’t stop thinking about new products though, which brings us to our announcement of our most distinct offering yet: the 484 Fund.

Back in March, we spotted this Tweet:

Roadmap Summary

  • Indexed Finance V2
  • Introduction Of Core Index Exit Fees
  • Protocol Revenue Disbursal [NDX Staking]
  • Algorithmic LP Incentivization
  • KPI Airdrop [Partnered With UMA]
  • Increasing Community Engagement [The IGP]

More details on each of these points follow.


It’s been a frantic few months in the crypto space — the surge…

Indexed Finance

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