Roadmap Summary

For those who want the quickfire summary, here’s what we have lined up for Q2:

  • Indexed Finance V2

More details on each of these points follow.


If you blinked, you missed it — Q1 2021 is behind us already. Indexed Finance launched in the run-up to Christmas last year, and we’ve made significant progress towards our goal of providing diverse, cost-efficient ETF products.

It’s been a frantic few months in the crypto space — the surge…

Announcing the NFTP Index


An NFT index has been high on the wishlist of our community since the very inception of Indexed. While some users requested an index of NFT platforms’ governance or utility tokens, others requested an index of actual NFT art.

The Sigma committee — represented by a multisig of 5 members of the NDX community — was appointed for precisely this reason: to respond to these requests and bring new, experimental indices desired by our community to life quickly.

$NFTP is an index of NFT platform tokens, tracking the entire NFT market sector in a very broad…

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Quickswap. Through this partnership, Quickswap will become the premier place to buy Indexed products with minimal gas fees.

In order to bootstrap liquidity on Polygon (Matic), Quickswap has agreed to incentivize liquidity providers via QUICK rewards on an ongoing basis. These rewards started yesterday with 33 QUICK (〜US$8,250) being distributed daily to both DEFI5-ETH and DEFI5-QUICK liquidity providers. DEGEN, CC10 and other indices will follow suit.

We’re delighted about this partnership as it has always been our vision to make our indices available to all demographics rather than just whales, however —…

Announcing the DEGEN index

We’re thrilled to announce DEGEN, our first community index.

DEGEN was initially suggested by @redphonecrypto on Twitter and immediately received a lot of interest from the wider crypto community. After weeks of brainstorming and looking at various index projects, Redphone, 0xBay and the community around DEGEN finally chose as their preferred platform to launch the index and initiated a proposal in our community forum.

The newly appointed Sigma Committee, representing the Indexed community, was glad to support this request and bring DEGEN to market in a record time of 4 weeks.

As its name implies, the DEGEN index…

Announcing the Oracle Top 5 index (ORCL5)

We’re happy to announce the upcoming launch of the Oracle Top 5 index.

Since launching our two flagship indices DEFI5 and CC10, we’ve received hundreds of solicitations to build new and more innovative indices. By far, the most requested by our community was an oracle index.

Why an oracle index?

Along with the entire DeFi ecosystem, oracle projects are growing at an astonishing pace. This will hardly come as a surprise to most observers, as oracles power almost every major DeFi application, feeding much needed off-chain data into their smart contracts.

While it is clear that the oracle sector will continue to thrive, it…

As we all settle into the new year, we want to share our objectives for Indexed Finance in the first quarter of 2021 and provide some information about how we plan to facilitate early governance.


As described in the introduction post, documentation and elsewhere, the team’s NDX are locked in a vesting contract, but we have retained the ability to create and vote on governance proposals. Until enough tokens have been distributed to dilute us to a minority, here’s our plan for governance:

  1. We will not create proposals except to take actions which have already been announced, for example the…

10 days ago we announced the beta for Indexed Finance. Staking for NDX, the governance token of Indexed Finance, will begin tomorrow (Monday, December 28).

This round of staking will include DEFI5 and the LP token for its Uniswap Pair with ETH. Each pool will distribute 125,000 NDX over 10 days.

This is 10% of the 2.5 million NDX which have been reserved for liquidity mining. We are distributing 10% over a short duration so that we can gather feedback and iterate on the user interface before distributing the remaining 2.25 million NDX.

This post will explain how to mint…

Announcing the beta release of Indexed Finance.

Indexed Finance

Indexed Finance is a project focused on the development of passive portfolio management strategies for the Ethereum network.

Indexed is managed by the holders of the governance token NDX, which is used to vote on proposals for protocol updates and high level index management such as the definition of market sectors and the creation of new management strategies.

Tokenized ETFs

The DeFi ecosystem is rapidly growing in users, total value locked, and the number and variety of assets. As with every growing financial market, the optimal strategy for the average user is to invest in a diverse range of assets. …

Indexed Finance

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