Arbitrum Balancer Liquidity Mining Rewards Are Now Live

Indexed Finance
1 min readSep 20, 2021

Hi everyone,

A quick post to let everyone know that as of today, Balancer have very generously begun incentivising two liquidity pools on Arbitrum.

Starting at 00:00 UTC earlier today, there are 500 BAL per week available for providing liquidity to the following:

At the time of writing, the APYs on these pools are 141% and 202% respectively.

If you have NDX or DEFI5 and want to bridge them over, you can do so here: Don’t forget to bridge over a bit of ETH as well: gas is cheap over there, but not free!

If you don’t have all of the assets but still want to participate, you can single-asset deposit into both of them, subject to the swap fee within the pool and price impact within the current liquidity.

Many thanks again to Balancer for providing these incentives, and happy farming, everybody!