Indexed Is Now On Polygon

Indexed Finance
2 min readDec 24, 2021

We’re happy to announce that the core Indexed infrastructure is now deployed on the Polygon network!

We’ll be using this as a springboard from which to launch native-to-Polygon indices that you can mint, burn and trade with significantly lower gas fees than on the Ethereum mainnet, granting users the opportunity to gain wide-ranging exposure to several market sectors within a brand-new ecosystem.

The relevant contract deployments are as follows:

The oracle that this new deployment uses to update the TWAPs of assets for the purposes of scoring strategies is bound to Quickswap, and exit fees will accrue to the Sigma Committee Gnosis wallet deployed on Polygon. These fees will periodically be converted to ETH and bridged to the Indexed treasury on mainnet.

Note that at present, the 3/5 Sigma Committee multisig has wide-ranging control over the Indexed Polygon deployment. We still need to consider the best way to give the DAO, which can only vote on mainnet, control over the Polygon deployment. Until then, the Sigma Committee will be its stewards and will accept governance decisions made on Snapshot as vetoes or directives, including the replacement of members of the multisig.

There are still some upgrades that must be made to the subgraphs and website before the Polygon deployment is fully integrated and usable, but for now, community members should think about what new indices they’d like to see on Polygon! Bring your ideas to the forums or Discord: let’s hear what you have to say!

Finally — Merry Christmas, everyone!