Index Competition: Winners & Statistics

  • The average index performance was -38.27%. Over the same period, DEFI5 dropped -36.8%, ETH dropped -21.3% and BTC dropped -7.2%. The average participant would have been better suited just holding DEFI5, everyone barring those on the podium lost out to ETH, and all of us would have been better parking in BTC.
  • The only assets that were selected in the contest that ended up positive were HEX (82%), XEQ (57%), CREAM (22%) and NDX (22%).
  • Of all of the assets that were chosen, a fair few cropped up several times. ETH is king, followed by SUSHI and then several native tokens. We ran the competition, so there’ll have been an obvious bias in the number of times NDX was chosen. In order of number of appearances:
That was fun.




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Indexed Finance

Indexed Finance

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