Index Competition #2: Electric Boogaloo

Here we go again!


Index Methodology and Inclusion Criteria

  • Two projects sourced from the top cryptocurrencies by market cap, which are each weighted at 20%. You can also select stablecoins — e.g. USDT or USDC — here if that is part of your strategy.
  • One of the existing Indexed Finance indices, also weighted at 20%.
  • Two projects that are up to the contestant to choose , provided they are:
    a) below US$500 million market cap at the time of selection, and
    b) listed on CoinGecko.
    You’ll get to pick the weighting of your first choice from 5 to 35%, and the second will be given a weight to round it all out.

Contest Period


  • 1st place — 3,000 DAI, and 1 pair of DeFi Socks!
  • 2nd place — 1,500 DAI
  • 3rd place — 500 DAI
  • 4th place — 300 DAI
  • 5th place — 200 DAI
  • 6–10th place — 1 FFF
“I *earned* these” — one of you, in a month.
  • 1st @ EOD — 5 NDX
  • 2nd @ EOD — 3 NDX
  • 3rd @ EOD — 1 NDX




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Indexed Finance

Indexed Finance

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