NDX Is Now A Productive Asset

I Don’t Care To Read All This, Just Link Me!

NDX Staking

I’m New, What’s Going On?

So, NDX Isn’t A Pure Governance Token Anymore?

Where Does Indexed’s Revenue Come From?

How Much Protocol Revenue Are Stakers Receiving?

Can I Sell My dNDX Tokens? What Happens If I Do?

How Is Existing Protocol Revenue Disbursed?

~(33.4 * 0.6 / 10,000) = ~0.002004 WETH

Can We Gauge What The APR Will Be On Staking?

What If I Want To Reclaim My Locked NDX Early?

Max Penalty: 10% + (daysLocked/90 * 20%)

What If Something Needs To Change?

What’s Next For Indexed?



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