Indexed Attack Compensation Plan

  • The compensation plan will be implemented via Pickle Cornichons (tokens will be issued to the affected which they can burn for DAI at a pay-out rate they are happy to accept). The DAI backing these claims will be sourced from a combination of extracted assets from the affected pools (see below) and Indexed protocol revenue over time. A further article will be published upon deployment explaining exactly how this works and what it means for the affected.
  • There will be two separate claim tokens issued: one for direct holders of the affected tokens (DEFI5, CC10 and FFF) and one for holders of LP tokens for any of these three. These tokens will have to be claimed by the affected on the Ethereum main-net once issued.
  • 99.32% of the losses incurred by holders of all affected tokens on any chain will be compensated,
  • 88.5% of the losses incurred by holders of all associated liquidity tokens on any chain will be compensated,
  • The DAO has agreed to consider a Governor Alpha proposal that would lead to the draining of assets remaining in the DEFI5, CC10 and FFF pool contracts and subsequent retrieval of remaining liquidity from LP pools. The assets obtained by the DAO in this way — if such a proposal is passed — will be converted to DAI and used as a base against which the affected can redeem claims.
  • The amount of debt incurred by the attack will not be inflated over time in order to reflect the lost upside opportunity.




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Indexed Finance

Indexed Finance

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