Are you a DEGEN?

Announcing the DEGEN index

  • Thorchain, 15.6% ($RUNE)
  • Ren, 14.58% ($REN)
  • Reserve Right, 10,7% ($RSR)
  • Curve, 10% ($CRV)
  • 1INCH, 9.2%($1NCH)
  • Ocean, 9.2%($OCEAN)
  • Alpha Finance, 8.5% ($ALPHA)
  • BadgerDAO, 8.3% ($BADGER)
  • Polkastarter, 7.17% ($POLS)
  • Mirror Protocol, 6.46% ($MIR)

Liquidity mining ($NDX + 🔜$SUSHI🍣)

Liquidity mining for DEGEN will be enabled within the next 24hrs. For that purpose, 100,000 $NDX will be distributed over the period of 3 months as rewards to liquidity providers for the DEGEN/ETH pool.

  1. The Sushiswap team hasn’t released the smart contracts for double token rewards yet
  2. Our app wasn’t ready to accomodate Sushiswap LP tokens out of the box

How to buy $DEGEN

To buy the DEGEN index like with all indices, you have two options.

Minting DEGEN

How to stake DEGEN

Unlike our previous liquidity mining program for DEFI5 and CC10 there are no $NDX rewards for simply holding and staking $DEGEN.

First Protocol Earnings

As announced in the forum, all Sigma indices contain a 0.5% exit fee. On burning DEGEN tokens back into their underlyings, a 0.5% fee is levied which accrues to the Indexed treasury. Decisions about what to do with this revenue is subject to governance.



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