Are You A Collector?


An NFT index has been high on the wishlist of our community since the very inception of Indexed. While some users requested an index of NFT platforms’ governance or utility tokens, others requested an index of actual NFT art.

  • Enjin, 23.98% ($ENJ)
  • Decentraland, 17.74% ($MANA)
  • Sand, 10.36% ($SAND)
  • SuperFarm, 8.87% ($SUPER)
  • Audius, 8.83% ($AUDIO)
  • Axie Infinity, 7.64% ($AXS)
  • Ethernity, 6.77% ($ERN)
  • Gala, 6.81% ($GALA)
  • Rarible, 4.77% ($RARI)
  • NFTX, 4.67% ($NFTX)

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining for $NFTP will be enabled seven days post-launch: this is due to introducing a timelock on the Sigma NDX wallet (for context, see this Twitter thread). After this time has elapsed, we will introduce a three-month NFTP/ETH Uniswap LP reward pool, with amounts to be determined by the Sigma committee.

How To Buy NFTP

To buy the NFTP index — as with all indices — you have two options.

An Aside: The Other Other NFT Index

We’re aware that some of you were expecting this index to be our collaboration with NFTX composed of actual NFT assets themselves ($PUNK, $MASK, $AXIE et al).



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